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Florence Day is a ghost-writer with one big problem. She’s supposed to be penning swoon-worthy novels for a famous romance author but, after a bad break-up, Florence no longer believes in love. And when her strict (but undeniably hot) new editor, Benji Andor, won’t give her an extension on her book deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye.

Although when tragedy strikes and Florence has to head home, the last thing she expects to see is a ghost at her front door. Not just any ghost, however, but the stern form of her still very hot – yet now unquestionably dead – new editor.

As sparks start to fly between them, Florence tells herself she can’t be falling for a ghost – even an infuriatingly sexy one. But can Benji help Florence to realise love isn’t dead, after all?

My Review

Florence is a ghost writer for a bestselling romance novelist. But she’s having trouble finishing the current book she’s working on because she doesn’t believe in love anymore. After her relationship ended badly and she was truly betrayed Florence gave up on love. When she meets her new editor Benji she tries to get an extension which isn’t forthcoming. Then she hears the devastating news that her father has died. So with a heavy heart Florence returns to her hometown of Mairmont and it just so happens that her family own and run a funeral home. As well as being a ghost writer Florence can also see ghosts. This is something that she’s been running away from since she moved away from Mairmont. When she arrives home she expects to see the ghost of her father but what she is met with is Benji’s ghost. It appears that Benji’s unfinished business might be linked to Florence’s current manuscript. Will Florence finish her current book? Is love truly dead for Florence?

A ghost writer who sees ghosts is just the perfect idea for a book. As soon as I read the first chapter I knew this was going to be a new favourite read for me and it has definitely become that. I knew that I would like Florence as soon as I met her especially when she describes herself as being a member of the Addams Family and she buys books in particular when she is nervous.

I absolutely adored this book. The premise of the book was brilliant and I loved the storyline. Florence is such a brilliant character. She’s strange, odd, very quirky, a little weird, she doesn’t have a filter when she speaks and she sees ghosts. We share the same characteristics apart for the ghost bit. There were certain parts that I did feel truly bad for Florence. My heart broke when she found out that her father had died because she was very close to him and he was someone that truly understood her. When we learned what had happened with her ex-boyfriend and how he betrayed Florence in the worst way possible I felt so sad for Florence. After such an awful knockback like that it’s understandable why she stopped believing in love and couldn’t write about love or romance anymore.

I loved the dynamic between Florence and Benji because they just bounced off each other and were clearly very attracted to each other. Benji recognises that Florence is very unique and by spending time with her Florence realises that she shouldn’t close her heart off completely. At the same time Benji’s presence also helps Florence to deal with and process the grief of losing her father. I really liked how Florence’s family know about her gift and they’ve supported her from the beginning and embraced that this was a part of her. The surprising plot twist I did not see coming but it was a happy twist for me because I did wonder how this book was going to end and whether I’d be smiling or whether there would be tears. I’m happy to report there were lots of smiles and a few happy tears.

A book that includes forbidden romance, that will pull at your heartstrings and will make you cheer on the main character from the outset.

Author Bio

Ashley Poston loves dread pirates, moving castles, and starry night skies.

Ashley graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in English. She has worked at Kodansha USA and Bloomsbury Publishing as a social media coordinator and marketing designer respectively. Currently, she offers her work to freelance clients and writes full-time. Her books have appeared on the Indie Next List multiple times, and have been featured in Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Entertainment Weekly, Hypable, Buzzfeed, and in the Goodreads Choice Awards. Her critically-acclaimed sci-fi duology, Heart of Iron, was named on 2019’s Rainbow List.

When not writing, she plays Dungeons and Dragons and reads fanfic. She lives in South
Carolina with her bossy cat, and they are firm believers that we’re all a bunch of weirdos looking at other weirdos, asking for their username.

Social Media Accounts:
Twitter: @ashposton
Instagram: @heyashposton
Tumblr: @notashposton
TikTok: @thatashposton


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