Extract: Tempted By Her Outcast Viking By Lucy Morris @LMorris_Author @rararesources @MillsandBoon


Tempted by the Warrior

But she’ll never wed

Brynhild had once been close to Erik – until he’d betrayed her, and she’d hoped never to see him again. Now the fiercely independent shieldmaiden needs Erik’s skills to rescue her sister. Striking a truce with the tough, isolated loner they reach a mutually beneficial deal: in return, she’ll help him in his quest to find a wife – by teaching him how to please a woman in bed…!

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Brynhild was once close to Erik — until he betrayed her. Now reunited they are thrown together in a most unexpected way…

‘I wanted…to apologise…to you, Brynhild.’ His words were quiet and uncharacteristically hesitant.


She stumbled a little in the muddy earth and his hand snapped around her forearm to steady her. The hairs on her arm rose as if in expectation of a storm and she shrugged it off quickly.

Well, she’d not expected that!

If he’d admonished her for making assumptions earlier, or worse, offered his aid, she could have believed it.

But to say he was sorry?

He frowned at the way she’d shrugged off his touch. As if she’d insulted him.

When she had every right to do so!

‘I’ve been meaning to say it since we met again yesterday, but I never seemed to find the opportunity.’

She turned and strode forward, flustered and unsure of how to respond. Then she stopped for a moment and stared at the ground. He’d seemed sincere—hadn’t she already thought their previous feud childish? His shadow fell across hers, their shapes on the floor merging into one.

‘There is nothing to apologise for,’ she said and to her surprise she meant it. She hated him for what he’d done, that much was true, but she’d also been unkind and had humiliated him…in her own way.

She moved forward, hoping he would leave it at that. But, of course, he didn’t.

‘I think there is.’ His long stride matched her own and she felt an odd excitement rush through her veins. They were forced closer together as the twisting path between the buildings became suddenly narrower. ‘I was young and still trying to prove myself to my father. A waste of time, as I later learned… But, regardless, I shouldn’t have treated you as I did. I was wrong.’

How many times had she dreamt of him saying such words?

She’d always imagined them meeting again…but on the battlefield with weapons in hand, not on the muddy paths of Jorvik.

In her fantasy he’d fallen beneath her axe, after a long and epic fight. It would have been a hard-won but satisfying victory and with his dying breath he would have wheezed out those three wonderful words… I was wrong.

Somehow this did not feel as satisfying. It felt awkward and humiliating instead. As if she were his victim and not his equal.

Anger raced through her like lightning, burning away all reason.

She grabbed him by his broad shoulders and thrust him against the nearest wall. His hands in response locked around her biceps to steady himself, his grip firm, but not painful, and the heat that radiated from his fingers only angered her further, because of the effect it had on her. It caused her body to warm and her breath to catch in her throat, shivers of longing twisted in her gut and she thrust him back a second time, the plaster on the little house cracking and crumbling with the force.

‘I don’t like you!’ she snarled, ‘I’ve never liked you! So, let’s make this very clear. I do not care if you are sorry or not! Just do as you’ve promised and get my mother a damn farm!’

They stared at one another, their breathing heavy and the tension between them thick in the silence. Their big bodies filled the space of the alley, making the wattle and daub buildings seem even more fragile and small, neither of them willing to back down, their bodies held in a tight balance of frustration and stubborn pride.

The dark pools of his eyes locked with hers and then dropped ever so slowly to her mouth. ‘There was a time when you liked me…’

Her face burned and she almost shoved him for a third time against the wall, not that it seemed to affect the big ox….which only irritated her further.

But then he frowned and looked away from her as if a sudden thought had distracted him. ‘Where is your sister?’

Author Bio

Lucy Morris has always been obsessed with myths and legends. Her books blend sweeping romance with vivid worldbuilding to whisk you away to another time and place filled with adventure. Expect passion, drama, and vibrant characters.

Lucy lives in Essex, UK, with her husband, two children, and two cats. She has a massively sweet tooth and loves Terry’s chocolate oranges and Irn-Bru. In her spare time, she likes to explore castles with her family, or drink bubbly with her friends.

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