Book Review: The Twig Man by Sana Rasoul #TheTwigMan @bookgirlsr @literallypr


Beware the Twig Man, the Twig Man’s hex. Beware theTwig Man, or you’ll be NEXT!
It’s been a year since nearly-twelve-year-old Ari’s older sister, Lana, ran away.
Except Ari knows what really happened.
She was taken by the Twig Man, the creepy monster that’s haunted the woods for one hundred years.
No one else will listen, so it’s down to Ari to save his sister.
But he had better hurry, as Ari finds himself next on The Twig Man’s list…

My Review

A year ago Ari’s big sister Lana disappeared. His parents are convinced that she ran away because she wasn’t getting along with them and their belief is further supported when they find a plane ticket in her name. However, Ari is convinced that Lana was taken by the Twig Man who lives in the woods. One day whilst playing in the garden Ari ventures into the woods and inadvertently wakes the Twig Man. It’s in the woods that Ari meets a new friend Timmy who also believes that the Twig Man is real. The Twig Man now has his sights firmly set on Ari. Will Ari save his sister? Is Ari truly the next person on the Twig Man’s list?

This is a middle grade book which I thoroughly enjoyed. As a child there was always something really eerie about woods in general and my imagination always ran away with me. As a child it was easy to imagine creatures lurking in the woods, that the woods have eyes watching your every move and that it is a scary place. The way the story is written it perfectly picks up on those feelings that any child may have that there is a monster in the woods that only they can see. Ari’s parents don’t believe in the Twig Man and the only person he can find information from is his grandmother who is a believer. Ari is definitely a very brilliantly written character. Although he’s only 12 years old he is extremely brave and has a mind of his own. He firmly believes that his sister would never have left him unless she didn’t have a choice and therefore it’s his mission to get her back. Timmy was an intriguing character but also one shrouded in mystery. However, all becomes clearer as the story unfolds.

A brilliant read for Halloween, during dark winter nights or during a sleepover with friends.

Author Bio

Sana Rasoul was born in Slemani (Northern Iraq) and lived in Baghdad until she was seven. She graduated with an MSc in International Relations from SOAS University (2012) and a BA in Politics from the same university in 2010. Sana currently lives in West London and has been
teaching since 2013. She teaches Politics at a sixth form college in central London. Sana has written pieces for magazines such as Politics Review and Think Tank.

Sana developed a passion for writing when she was in primary school, but particularly after her father gifted her with the Narnia collection for her birthday. They would take weekly trips to Waterstones, and it became a tradition to scour through the many titles. When her father passed away, Sana spent a lot of time in the local library in Old Brompton Road where she became an avid reader. She grew up with a particular interest in reading anything that was horror, supernatural or thriller related. Some of her favourite authors include R.L Stine, Agatha Christie and Stephen King. More recently, she has enjoyed books by Abigail Dean and Bella Mackie. One of her all-time favourite books is The Republic of Trees by Sam Taylor.

Sana began writing spooky tales for children to show that it is okay to be scared, and that
exploring issues like fear and courage within the safety of a book is much needed. She usually writes when the world is asleep, with a creepy soundtrack for inspiration! The crows in the story were inspired by an old uninhabited house in Baghdad, which she would walk past every day to get to school. This house would always have a crow or two perched on the gates…

Sana is a Formula One enthusiast and a passionate supporter of the Red Bull team. Sana also enjoys the occasional gaming in her spare time and spending countless hours writing in cafes. When she isn’t reading or writing, you can find her at the gym.


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