Book Review: Batting For Charlie by Belinda E. Edwards @BooksByBelinda @lovebooksgroup @lovebookstours


At 23, India may be starting out in the world of work, but she has talent and big ambitions. So when the opportunity comes along to lead on a project for a new client, she throws herself into it. With so many opinions about what she should do, will she ever find her own way forward?

Can India keep her cool and work out who is or isn’t supporting her? Can she survive both professionally and romantically?

Professional cricketer Charlie leaps at the chance to take on some promotional work for a new start-up fitness brand to fill the gap in his finances. But it means having to confront his past and work with someone he may not have had the best start with. He has his own family worries going on and he doesn’t really have the time for anything else in his life.

Can he stay out of the tabloids long enough to keep his promises? Can he start again with India?

Life is a challenge when love comes with the job.

My Review

India works as a PA at Bentley & Bentley. When they are approached to support the launch of a new product called Gym Away and are looking for a sports person to promote it, India inadvertently blurts out the name of Charlie Robertson a famous cricketer. Charlie aka Charlie Whiskey Romeo isn’t a stranger to India. She first met him at a New Year’s Eve party some years ago and due to a misunderstanding they never spoke again. Now they will be spending more time together on the project will they become closer? Can India make the project a success?

I really enjoyed this book. There’s something about a second chance romance that I truly love and is a genre that I will never be tired of. I loved the storyline, it was well structured and included some surprises along the way. To start with it took me a while to warm to India but I gained a whole new respect for her when she stood up for herself in the meeting in front of her boss and basically said it as it was. It’s very clear that she wasn’t appreciated in her job and the talent she bought to the organisation which her colleagues saw as a threat. Charlie just sounded perfect: sweet, caring, strong and dreamy. The chemistry between Charlie and India was just so cute and was clearly there despite the fact they’d not talked properly for years. I adored the text messages that they would send each other and the way Charlie would take care of India was so adorable even when India was trying to put distance between them.

A must for fans of second chance romances and no you don’t need to know anything about cricket to love the story.

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