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Sadie has one job: to court the press and put Sorrel Farm on the map. 

She doesn’t suffer fools. She knows what she wants—in work and in love. And she always gets what she wants. 

Ned is the farm’s quiet, intellectual Finance Director. And he’s smitten. 

He’s got so much to give. If only Sadie could be bothered to look below the surface… 

Danny is everything Ned is not: overtly sexy, overtly flirtatious and extremely self-assured. But there’s something off about him… 

It’s obvious who the more attractive proposition is. Well, it’s obvious to everyone but Sadie. 

Join Sadie’s messy love triangle and reunite with your favourite characters from Food for Thought:Evelyn, Angus, Zoe and more!

My Review

Sadie is a former journalist who has been hired by Sorrel Farm to deal with their PR. At the same time that Sadie is hired, Danny is hired as a new assistant farm manager to help Angus with the day fo day running of the farm and lastly there’s Ned,  a long standing member of staff at Sorrel Farm and the Finance Director.

As soon as Sadie meets Danny it’s clear that there’s an instant attraction because he sounds totally hot. However when she meets Ned she dismisses him of hand. Will Sadie realise that there’s more to Ned that meets the eye? And who will Sadie choose Danny or Ned?

As an avid fan of this author I absolutely adored this book. There’s  something about the way the author writes her books that just feel like a comfort read to me. I loved the storyline and learning more about Sorrel Farm. As for the characters as always the author has done an amazing job in bringing the characters to life so they jump off the page. My initial thoughts on Sadie weren’t particularly positive but I did warm to her as the story progressed. Although she’s very smart and knows what she wants she doesn’t always see what’s right in front of her face. Sadie is someone who definitely judges a book by it’s cover especially when she meets Danny and Ned. As for Danny yes he sounds very good looking but there was something about him that just felt too charming. And as a complete an utter nerd myself I completely fell in love with Ned as soon as he appeared in the book. He is definitely a new person to add to the book boyfriend list. One of the other characters who I found very intriguing was Zoe. It was interesting to learn more about Zoe, what she’d been through and when she talked about her spiritual side. I loved how characters from the author’s other books make an appearance in this book and we get an update on where they are in life and also see them interact with  new characters. This book is just under 250 pages long and I honestly wizzed through it and I can’t fault anything about the story, the characters or the book in general.

This is book two in the Sorrel Farm series and although it can be read as a stand alone to the first book, Food for Thought I would highly recommend reading the first book in the series and any book written by this author to be honest. With Sara’s books you honestly can’t go wrong!

Author Bio

Sara Madderson is an author, entrepreneur, wifeand mother. She was born in Ireland and moved to the UK with her family when she was ten years old. She lives in London with her husband Chris, their two children, Paddy and Tilly, and their cocker spaniel Charlie.

Before turning to writing, Sara worked in finance for a decade and then ran her own fashion brand, Madderson London, for eight years. She earned her MPhil in Early Modern History from the University of Birmingham.

Metamorphosis is Sara’s first book. Given that she spent most of her childhood writing and designing clothes, she’s now seen both of her childhood career dreams come true! She’s enjoyed the adventure of publishing independently as much as she’s enjoyed the writing process itself. She’s now completely hooked on writing!

Twitter @saramadderson

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