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When their animal spirit awakens, the tribesmen of Feralis must master their creature to arise anew with the power to transform. The tribeswomen can only hope to be lucky enough to be claimed as a lifemate – or face a life reduced to becoming property. 

The old Alpha’s time is coming to an end, and the Deadly Reckonings are swiftly approaching. The victor of these brutal trials will become the new Alpha and rule over the four allied tribes.

Devlin, a young man with the animal aspect of a lion, dreams of shaping a better world and taking control from the power-hungry clutches of the cruel and dominating Reptilia. Becoming Alpha is the only way Devlin can protect his family, reclaim the woman he loves, and restore freedom to all the tribes of Feralis.

Follow Devlin as he faces the Deadly Reckonings, testing his nature and limits against other competitors, merciless monsters, perilous terrain, and his own desperate hopes. 

​​​​​​​Can a mortal enemy, a misfit sister, and even fate itself stand in his way?

My Review

Devlin is one of the tribesmen of Feralis whose animal spirit is a lion. As a child Devlin’s pregnant mother was bitten by a snake and went into labour. In order to save his mother his father went to the Reptilia to seek a cure. The Reptilia did provide a cure but in return took Devlin’s mother. So in the same moment Devlin gained a baby sister, Kyra but lost his mother. Fast forward a few tears and we meet an older Devlin now aged 21 and his 16 year old sister Kyra. Now of age Devlin decides to take part in the Deadly Reckonings (a number of trials) the winner of which will become the next Alpha. Each trial is more difficult and deadly than the next culminating in the final battle. Will Devlin win the Deadly Reckonings? Will he be reunited with Reva, the woman he loves?

I really enjoyed the storyline and the world building was pretty amazing. It was very clear to understand where all the characters fell in the hierarchy. It was interesting to learn more about the background of the Deadly Reckonings and why they were introduced. Essentially this is the story of several tribes who get together and compete so that the next Alpha can be chosen. I would describe this as a short read but it had so much information and although short it didn’t skip on anything important. I found it really interesting to read about each of the trials. In some instances they were difficult if not near impossible but there were no rules and anything was allowed from competitors using their animal spirit to help them to sabotaging their opponents. What I also liked is that part way through one of the trials there is a flashback and the reader learns about how Devlin met Reva and although they were only together for a short period of time they fell in love and he realised that she was his life mate until they were torn apart. As a character Devlin is definitely a born and true leader. He knows what he wants and that is to become the next alpha and make the important decisions that will affect his tribe and the other tribes, but be fair at the same time. I really liked Kyra. She’s definitely a head strong teenager who wants more than to be someone’s life mate. It’s clear from the start that Kyra is special and this has already been determined due to the circumstances of her birth. Kyra is growing up in a very male dominated world where the tribeswoman are considered property and their only role is to obtain a life mate but she’s still trying to find her place in the world. As soon as the Reptilia appeared I knew they were bad news and there was just something that was more sinister about them than the other tribes.

The story didn’t end how I thought it would and that plot twist was shocking to the point that I had to reread what I had just read. As a reader I was comfortable with the story and where I thought it was going, and then the rug was pulled from under me which made the plot twist very unexpected. However it did set up the next book perfectly. I am intrigued to read the rest of The Tribes of Feralis series to see what awaits the characters.

A must read fantasy novel!

About The Authors

We are twin sisters and we come from Bolton, a friendly town in Lancashire, UK. We would love to tell you about all the unusual jobs we have had and the wacky adventures we had on our way to becoming authors, since that is what other authors seem to do in these bios. Unfortunately, we are a little lacking in that respect. However, our birth was very eventful as neither our mother nor the midwives attending realised that she was having twins until just after Rebecca was born! Our aim is to make our writing as surprising and marvellous as that!We can’t say if we are identical or fraternal twins as no one, least of all our parents, seems able to agree on this. It doesn’t matter to us. What matters is our mutual love of the written word and our symbiotic relationship. Without these we would never have come together to fulfil our dreams in the creation of our first books.We both attended the University of Leeds. Victoria studied English and Philosophy. Rebecca studied History and Philosophy. Victoria is now a solicitor and Rebecca is a foster parent. We are both happily married. Victoria has 2 children and Rebecca has 7 children (including 3 foster children) and a husband who could not quite believe that we finished our suspense duology, which he dubbed, “The Neverending Story”!We have the bit between our teeth and have now finished writing our next labour of love, a romantic fantasy trilogy. If you come to read about the animalistic world we have created, you may gather that we are “cat people”. We grew up with a lovely little tabby who was an intrinsic part of our childhood. Now Rebecca has a socially awkward but loving female cat called Maisie and Victoria has two beautiful, big, ever-hungry male cats called Bert and Ernie!Victoria’s other interests include singing with a community choir and enjoying walks in the countryside, while Rebecca enjoys going swimming regularly and watching movies, especially with her youngest son who loves anything action or superhero based. Although our newest endeavour is a fantasy, we have found inspiration for it in our daily lives and we feel that, at their core, fantasy stories are still stories about humanity – our emotions, our struggles, our flaws and our courage.


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