Book Review: Ed & Lily by Sofia Due @SofiaDue_words @rararesources


Ed & Lily have a problem. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and the relationship everyone believed was rock solid is in trouble. It’s not just the past getting in the way, it’s the present too.

They’ve got thirty-six hours before they fly to Iceland for a snowy Christmas break. Can they resolve
their differences or will their plane leave London without them?

A story about love, loss and chasing your dreams.

My Review

Ed and Lily have decided to spend Christmas in Iceland. The day before Christmas Eve Lily and Ed are making their way to meet each other despite the many obstacles they face. Before they start their Christmas Ed and Lily have a lot to talk about. Their relationship hasn’t been what it used to be because of events in the past, secrets and the distance between them both physical and metaphorical. Can Ed and Lily reconnect? Will their relationship survive or is it time to walk away?

This was such a unique story. The narrative switches between ED and Lily in the present and past. The insights into the past give the reader an idea of what they had both been through, the hurdles they’d faced in the past but also explained how they had got to where they are today. This wasn’t just a normal romance novel. What this book perfectly portrays is an everyday honest account of a relationship in which the two individuals have lost their way. The characters are dancing around their thoughts and feelings and not having those blunt and honest conversations which could make or break their relationship. I honestly didn’t know how the story would pan out and the story definitely kept me guessing with the turn of each page. They have found a normality in their uncomfortableness but it’s clear that they still care for each other very deeply. One of my favourite things about the book was learning more about Ed and Lily’s first meeting. I really liked both Ed and Lily as characters. They felt very real and relatable.

If you like thought provoking romance novels with a twist then this is the book for you.

Author Bio

Sofia Due lives in London with her family and cats. She works as a civil liberties and
human rights lawyer and works with asylum seekers and refugees every day. Writing fiction is the best way of problem solving and putting right all the things you can’t change in real life.
Social Media Links – website –
Twitter @SofiaDue_words

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