Book Review: The Daughter’s Choice by S.D. Robertson @SDRauthor @rararesources @AvonBooksUK


Is her whole life built on a lie?

Rose has always been close to her father. Her mother died soon after she was born, so it’s been just the two of them for as long as she can remember. But a chance encounter days before she’s due to get married leaves Rose questioning everything she has ever known. The man she trusts most in the world has been keeping a secret from her.
And the truth will leave her with an impossible choice…

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My Review

Rose is an only child, raised by her father as her mother died shortly after she was born. Prior to Rose’s wedding she meets someone who will change her life forever and make her question everything she has been told and who she really is.

This was an interesting storyline and definitely a slow burn novel. I did struggle a bit to get into the book, but I’m glad that I continued to read. It helped that the writing style was easy to read and follow. I had an inkling where the story would go but then towards the end of the book the storyline steered into a direction that I wasn’t expecting which added further context to the story.

As the story unfolded I found the background to Rose and her father’s relationship very interesting. It was clear to see from Rose’s account that she is very close to her father and that he is also her best friend. This is the kind of story that makes you think what would you do in Rose’s situation and how would you react to all of the secrets that are revealed. I really enjoyed the dual narrative which switched between Rose and Cassie.

A book about family, secrets and relationships!

Author Bio

Former journalist S.D. Robertson quit his role as a local newspaper editor to pursue a
lifelong ambition of becoming a novelist. He lives in a village near Manchester with his wife and daughter and now writes full-time – and it’s safe to say the career move paid off! Stuart is a USA Today and Kindle Top 100 bestseller.

Social Media Links – @SDRauthor (Twitter), @sdrobertsonauthor (Instagram), S.D.
Robertson/@sdrobertsonauthor (Facebook).

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