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Sally Marshall is just your ordinary suburban woman, who gets by performing as a tribute act to a pop star (Epiphanie, even more famous than Beyonce). She, along with dozens of others.

Until one day she is asked by the real Epiphanie to do a life swap for a couple of weeks.

Epiphanie trades Madison Square Gardens for doing gigs in pubs. Sally is catapulted from suburban semi life to double for a mega-star, her life turned upside down.
But which life will they each choose in the end?

Laugh-out-loud and unputdownable, Starstruck will leave you feeling warmer about all the different lives we choose.

My Review

Sally has been a tribute artist and has been performing as pop star Epiphanie for years. Epiphanie is the world’s biggest pop star and Sally’s idol. After attending a gig Sally is shocked to return home and find Epiphanie in her kitchen with a proposal. In exchange for $100,000 she wants to swap lives with Sally for a few weeks. Will the swap give them both what they’ve been dreaming of? Ultimately, which life will they prefer?

From the first page I know that I was going to like Sally because she was so funny and down to earth. When she meets Epiphanie for the first time, it’s clear that she’s quite literally star struck, who wouldn’t be after meeting their idol. But they are both very different people, use to very different lives. Epiphanie a famous star and Sally is just a normal person. The interesting part for me was once the swap took place and what came after. Although both characters initially struggled a little with the swap after a short while they effortlessly fitted into each other’s lives. However, as things started to become more complicated you could clearly see that things might not turnout as it had been planned.

I really enjoyed this book. What attracted me to the book to begin with was definitely the synopsis. I wanted to read it from the outset and would pick it up if I walked past it in a bookshop. The concept of a tribute artist and pop star swapping places was absolutely fascinating but as the book clearly showed that the life of a pop star filled with glitz and glamour also has its own pitfalls. I definitely think that Sally was able to fit better into the role of Epiphanie than vice versa. Although Sally was just a tribute artist, her own star worth definitely shone through. However, there were a few tell tale signs where Sally’s own personality came through whilst she was Epiphanie especially because of her love for team her eating habits and the way she treated people. One of my favourite parts was when Sally as Epiphanie started to wave at staff and there were complaints as they didn’t know what to do.

If you’re looking for a read which isn’t too heavy, has an interesting storyline and light humour then this is the book for you!

Author Bio

Beth Miller is the author of four novels, including the bestselling The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright. She has also published two non-fiction books, and works as a book coach and creative writing tutor. Before writing books, she worked as a sexual health trainer, a journalist, a psychology lecturer, a PhD student, an alcohol counsellor, and an inept audio- typist.

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