Book Review: The Sound of Revolution by


Poetry and photography offering uplifting vignettes of anxiety, division, rebellion and cats! Grae describes his poetic style as ‘beat poems & anxious gasps’, bringing lyricism to the revolution.

I kinda miss those days
Paris discotheques and cigarettes Twelve-inch coloured vinyl fix
Just riding the crest of a brave new wave Suburban cavaliers on a mission
To shock and thrill in equal measure
A belted army raincoat with a slouch hat Gentlemen’s Polaroids and Kool menthol Dogs on street corners slick and sly Whistling through the graveyard
On a hot summer night
All doo-wop highs and cheap perfume
A manifesto hewn from hours
Of pouring over insert words
Rebellion brewing in garden cities”

My Review

When I was approached to review The Sound of Revolution by Grae J Wall I was intrigued and once I’d read an extract of one of the poems I knew this was something unique.

This is a collection of just over 20 poems that deal with a number of topics including anxiety and rebellion with candid photos to accompany them.

The poems definitely have a lyrical feel to them so you can tell that they are written by a poet who is also a musician. I particularly loved the pictures included in the book as they seemed to go with the poems perfectly. One of my favourite aspects of the book was that it was in black and white which I felt gave it quite an urban feel. I loved the fact that the chosen font made the poems look like they’d been written on an old typewriter, which added more impact to the poetry.

The poems themselves were raw, unique, fascinating and relevant. I liked them all but there were a few that left a lasting impact on me. The New Normal is very relevant to the current pandemic we face not only as a country but as a world united. I’m not sure if the author wrote this with the pandemic in mind but it describes the situation perfectly. I liked One Simple Day because it reminds the reader to look at the little miracles around them whether that is a smile or unexpected mail and to be thankful and count everything however small as a blessing. It’s definitely a poem that will warm your heart. The Sky is the Sky was a very sweet poem describing perfectly how two people can look at the same thing but perceive it in different ways. Lastly I loved the concept of the caring and sharing store as described in The Shop poem and wish this was a real concept. For those suffering from anxiety my all time favourite poem was When The Roof Falls In which I think I will be using as my mantra when I start feeling stressed or anxious.

If you’re a fan of poetry with a musical element this is the collection for you.

Author Bio

Grae J. Wall is a poet, lomographer and songwriter from St Albans, UK. As a regular performer at venues and festivals, both at home and around continental Europe, his work is often inspired by those travels along with global issues, anxiety, red wine and cats. Grae had a childhood inspired by Bowie and Lou Reed, followed by Patti Smith, Richard Hell and Leonard Cohen, whilst reading the beats and Rimbaud. As a musician, Grae was always writing poetry, mixing them in with more regular lyrics. Then, during the noughties, Grae published his poetry in a DIY style, publishing poetry in zines and producing a tiny booklet of poems to sell at gigs. He set up a virtual cafe space where himself and a developing community of ‘outsider’ poets could share their work. Now, at the age of 56, Grae has performed at his first poetry slam and there is no going back!

Author Website:


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