Book Review: The Invitation by Katie Webster


On the island kingdom of Meta Emery, a young queen, Abigail, wakes in the middle of the night to a terrifying realisation; hostile wizards from the rival kingdom of Archmond have finally done what they’ve been threatening to do: bring a girl, Lucy, into this world to destroy the queen and all she has worked for. 

Hundreds of miles west, in Archmond itself, a great feast unfolds in the castle to celebrate Lucy’s arrival. Soleman, one of the wizards and a co-ruler of Archmond, has spread the news to his people that Lucy is the heroine an ancient prophecy predicted; he promises that the discord throughout their world will soon be over. But his fellow ruler Ronald remains dubious that this apparently meek and troubled girl could really overthrow Abigail, or whether she is ever likely to want to. 

This highly imaginative and original novel is the first in an exciting new fantasy series, ‘Lucy’s Crypt’.

My Review

From the first page we are introduced to the main character 17 year old Lucy who lives in Lockerby, Scotland. To say that her home life is not ideal would be an understatement as we learn from the outset. We continue to see glimpses of Lucy’s life as the story progresses. Lucy keeps finding mysterious notes and then a big gust of wind appears with a mysterious stranger and Lucy finds herself in Archmond with her dog Crumbs. Archmond isn’t in Scotland but the world of Escallia Wimbers.

There she meets Solomon and Ron and is told that she has been summoned to fulfil a prophecy to defeat Queen Abigail and restore peace and harmony to the land. Lucy is a normal teenager and doesn’t understand why she is there and how she has the skills required to fulfil the prophecy. Lucy’s stay at Archmond is short lived before she is required to leave the castle and begin her journey to find answers to the questions she can’t answer. During her journey Lucy also unearths memories that she didn’t know were there.

This was a good fantasy novel and an ideal first read for those wanting to delve into the fantasy genre as it isn’t too heavy. It was really interesting to learn both Lucy and Queen Abigail’s backstory. Although both were from different worlds the connecting factor in both of their stories is violence. One aspect that I liked was that Lucy learned about the royal family’s history through a dream that included a talking bear, which was definitely a unique feature. The book stopped at the perfect point paving the way for the story to continue in the next book.

If you like stories full of fantasy, realms, wizards, magic and prophecies or are considering delving into the fantasy genre for the first time then this is the book for you.

Author Bio

Katie Webster is an Australian lawyer, born in Queensland’s DaintreeRainforest. She has worked in both criminal and international law. She has published academically, but this is her debut novel.

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